About US

Lunio Broadband aiming to provide internet service at lowest cost in Mumbai area.
Established in 2000, Lunio Internet Services is a leading provider of secure wired and wireless Internet services. Our goal is to provide you Internet services with professionally-installed systems, monitored and maintained by our expertly-trained staff, and to ensure maximum uptime. Further, our intention is to provide equipment, service and support that will exceed expectation of our client and their guest, creating an excellent impression for our customer as well as our company. Lunio has successfully deployed hundreds of small to large-scale facility-wide wired and wireless solutions across Mumbai. In this time of digitalization Lunio support services offshore and onshore, Lunio has invested in IT services, because that is what business needs.Lunio is coming to expand your business in high speed.

our Unlimited plans
50 Mbps
per month
  • 30 days Rs.650 only
  • 90 days Rs.1900 only
  • 180 days Rs.3800 only
  • 360 days Rs.7600 only
100 Mbps
per month
  • 30 days Rs.800 only
  • 90 days Rs.2400 only
  • 180 days Rs.4800 only
  • 360 days Rs.9600 only
200 Mbps
per month
  • 30 days Rs.2000 only
  • 90 days Rs.6000 only
  • 180 days Rs.12000 only
  • 360 days Rs.24000 only
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Commercial Users
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our benefits
Our Mission
To deliver our users uninterrupted,affordable and high quality broadband internet service at unmatched speeds.
Our Vision
To be the first to introduce newer technologies and higher speeds in the broadband internet sector.
Our Objective
To be in demand as a first preference broadband service provider in area of expansion
Our Goals
To provide high speed internet that keeps you constantly connected.
Our Services

Gaming the system, manipulating a system's rules to achieve a desired outcome

Internet Lease Line

Enterprises use Leased Lines to interconnect their important nodal centres such as primary data centre, back up site, call centre and regional hubs.

Network Solutions

At Networking Solutions we know you have a choice of computer service and solutions providers to choose from and we know that you, quite rightly, want to know what it is that makes us different.


Many computer networks use a simple line code to transmit one type of signal using a medium's full bandwidth using its baseband (from zero through the highest frequency needed).